Raised By Wolves

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Get a shirt and prepurchase the first Raised By Wolves full length album that will be ready for digital download summer 2021.  Shirts available as tee shirt or tank top in multiple sizes and colors.

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    Raised by Wolves is the resident band at Melody Ave Studio. Consisting of members:

    Craig Mcinnis
    Jason Hermes
    Chris Cartrett
    Steven Spencer

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    Established in 2016, Raised By Wolves is a sharp blend of atmospheric rock, blues, and funk, with a bit of soul. The band skates the edges of many musical genres by combining all four members sensibilities into one delicious mix. Regardless of which avenue a song takes the listener down, one thing is for certain...there is always something interesting, thought provoking and soulful to digest. During it's time in Palm Beach County, FL the band has played at venues such as The Kelsey Theatre, DaDa, Guanabanas, Respectable Street, Brewhouse Gallery, Voltaire, Hullaballo (Monthly), O-Sheas, Propaganda, and many more.

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