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Yes. all the equipment is provided. One of our sound engineers will be on-site for setup and security.

We have a 22'x26' live room with seating, a lounge area, two small granite bars, an interior private bathroom, and an outdoor smoking area. The maximum number we recommend is 30 people. Pricing depends on the number of guests, and how long your session is.  A typical karaoke session is three hours long, but you can add an hour or two if you'd like! Four hours is recommended to allow your guests time to show up.  We also offer video/photography (+$100) from one of our in-house production assistants if you would like us to document the evening.  Tips are always appreciated, but not required.

Looking to have a party like no other?  Or do you just enjoy singing Disney tunes at the top of your lungs with your friends?

Our karaoke parties are a blast.  The lyrics are easily seen on two screens so everyone in the room can move around and sing as loud as they want!  We have multiple microphones readily available and an endless library of karaoke videos.

You'll feel like a rock star standing on our large stage with professional equipment. Stage vocal monitors will help assist your singing capabilities!  Make your party a memory you'll remember for a lifetime.


Contact us today to inquire about booking your karaoke party in our private studio.

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Karaoke Party Studio Rental

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