Session Questions

    1. How many songs are we recording?

    2. Do you have any roughs or demo recordings we can listen to before hand?

    3. What kind of amps and guitars do you have? (don't forget your bass player!)

    4. What kind of drums are we tracking? Please include size and depth of toms and if they are floor or mounted.

    5. Do you have more than one snare you can bring? Please list size and type of any snares that you have.

    6. When was the last time you replaced your drum heads? (HINT: you should do this before coming to the studio)

    7. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "What do you mean by tune my drums?" to 10 being "Session players in LA fly me in to make their kits sound perfect", how are you at tuning drums? Are you interested in our drum tuning service?

    8. Do you have other instrumentation you want to record? Keys, piano, synths, horns, percussion?

    9. How many people sing?

    10. Do you have harmonies you plan on recording?

    11. Do you have any tracks or albums that can give us a good idea of the overall sound you are looking for?

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